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Partner Clubs

A huge THANK YOU to our official MUN Impact Partner Clubs! They are leading the charge to make Model UN a source of education, inspiration and action around the SDGs. Reach out to a club in your region. They will be happy to point you in the direction of MUN Impact resources and to be a point of connection between MUN clubs!

Interest in becoming and MUN Impact Partner Club?  We ask you to commit to two things:

  • Host one MUN Impact workshop or summit, so that you can educate others outside your club on the MUN Impact philosophy, resources and tools.  This is to help GROW our community.
  • Run one SDG action campaign. Big or small, the action should advance one of the SDGs and ideally, a specific target. This must be documented and shared on our blog. This is to help INSPIRE our community.

A link to apply to become a Partner MUN Club can be found here.



Hope for Education and Leadership in Afghanistan (HELA) (Rahmatullah Hamdard, Founder:


West Carleton Secondary School, Ottawa (Braden Hutchinson, Director:


Hayah International Academy, Cairo (Karim El Dib, Director:


Lebawi Academy, Addis Ababa (Kibur Adera, Director:


Cours St Charles, Orleans (Sarah Magnard, Director:


American International School Chennai (Pepper McFarland, Director:


Al Batinah International School, Sohar (Todd Davis, Director:


American School of Doha (Maria Manacheril, Co-Director:

Doha British School, Doha (Sarah Shelton, Director

Doha College, Doha (David Moore, Director

Middle East Int’l School, Doha (Shondale Galindo-Pagano, Director:

Newton International Academy, Doha (Sara de Paula, Director:

Qatar Academy Doha (Lynette Winnard, Director:

South Korea

Korean International School (Nate Bisco, Director:


COLEGIO Ayalde, Bilbao (Nicola Dignum, Director:


Taipei American School (Dante Benson, Co-Director:

Uganda (Pending)

United Arab Emirates

Uptown School, Dubai (Heather Spaeth, Director:

United States

John Burroughs School, St. Louis, Missouri (Andrew Newman, Director:

Santa Margarita Catholic High School, California (John Remmell, Director:


DHE MUN Club (Shagufta Malik, Director: