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Partner Clubs

A huge THANK YOU to our official MUN Impact Partner Clubs! They are leading the charge to make Model UN a source of education, inspiration and action around the SDGs. Reach out to a club in your region. They will be happy to point you in the direction of MUN Impact resources and to be a point of connection between MUN clubs!

A link to apply to become a Partner MUN Club can be found here.


Hope for Education and Leadership in Afghanistan (HELA) (Rahmatullah Hamdard, Founder:


West Carleton Secondary School, Ottawa (Braden Hutchinson, Director:


Hayah International Academy, Cairo (Karim El Dib, Director:


Lebawi Academy, Addis Ababa (Kibur Adera, Director:


American International School Chennai (Pepper McFarland, Director:


Al Batinah International School, Sohar (Todd Davis, Director:


American School of Doha (Maria Manacheril, Co-Director:

Doha British School, Doha (Sarah Shelton, Director

Middle East Int’l School, Doha (Shondale Galindo-Pagano, Director:

Newton International Academy, Doha (Sara de Paula, Director:

Qatar Academy Doha (Lynette Winnard, Director:

South Korea

Korean International School (Nate Bisco, Director:


COLEGIO Ayalde, Bilbao (Nicola Dignum, Director:


Taipei American School (Dante Benson, Co-Director:

Uganda (Pending)

United Arab Emirates

Uptown School, Dubai (Heather Spaeth, Director:

United States

John Burroughs School, St. Louis, Missouri (Andrew Newman, Director:

Santa Margarita Catholic High School, California (John Remmell, Director: