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Book Drive Supports Quality Education

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Students at  Colegio Munabe in Bilbao, Spain were inspired to act thanks to the efforts of the MUN Impact club in town. Students from Munabe share the story…..
After attending a talk by the MUN IMPACT team from Ayalde about the sustainable development goals, our English teachers asked the class of 3 ESO A to develop a project to work on one of them.

Even if all the SDGs are extremely important and solving those important issues will undoubtedly have a great impact in the future of our world, we chose to deepen our understanding about the fourth goal: quality education.

We came to realise it was indeed really important for people who aren’t as lucky as we are to have a proper education. That’s why we decided to focus on starting a project to help tackle this issue. After brainstorming several ideas we agreed to organise a book collection project in the school so as to later donate them to NGOs working on this issue.

In order to develop our project, we organised 3 groups: the first one in charge of explaining the project in the different classes, the second group preparing the boxes where the books would be stored and the posters to be placed in different parts of the school, and the last group in charge of   organising the schedules with the headteachers and contacting the NGOs. The only condition we set was that the book should be yours, you couldn’t buy them. The main idea was to reuse them. After all this, we collected more books than we expected, and now they are ready to be distributed amongst their future new owners!