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Thought Leaders

On October 22, 2017, at the first MUN Thought Leader’s Summit in Doha, Qatar, representatives from the Model United Nations community met to discuss the importance of moving students from academic debate to impactful action, and to encourage MUN programs to embed outreach, service and support of the United Nations, particularly for the SDGs, into MUN programs and conferences.


Organization Name
Best Delegate Ryan Villanueva
Best Delegate Erik Leiden
HELA Sulaiman Sulaimankhil
HELA Rahmat Hamdard
THIMUN Foundation Alain Meidinger
THIMUN Foundation Fran Laughlin
University-At Large Robin De Zeeuw
THIMUN Youth Assembly Founder Reinhardt Smit
MUN Café Aditya Soma
OMUN Samuel Smeele
OMUN Kudzai Mukaratirwa
THIMUN Qatar Lisa Martin
THIMUN Qatar Fatima El Madhi
MUN/PUE Emmy Josefson
MUN/Ind. Directors Kari Beck
Teach SDGs Sean Robertson
CHEMUN/Affiliated Conferences Paula Peters-Frampton
THIMUN At Large Andrew Newman
Student Sandev Ferdinando
Student Sanskriti Tandon
UNODC Gilberto Duarte
UNDPI Kimmberly Mann