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Students support SDG6

MUN Impact 0

DHE MUN learned about the work of Thirst Project ( when we attended QLC 2018.  Motivated to take action, we decided we wanted to start an MUN IMPACT club with a project targeting SDG 6. At the same time, we were preparing to take part in THIMUN QATAR and learned we would be representing Myanmar.

During our research, we came to know about the dire situation of the refugees living in Coxs Bazaar and in particular the work of Restless Beings, ( in delivering vital aid to the people there.  We knew we had to raise awareness about the issue of the Rohingya Refugees and their need for clean drinking water.

We started to dig deeper into the issue and made an awareness video which we shared internationally with family and friends.  We highlighted the desperate plight of the Rohingya Refugees and the situation in the camps where access to clean drinking water is a real problem.  We encouraged our audience to donate to Restless Beings, who have been building medium term water wells in Coxs Bazaar.

We were very pleased when through our awareness raising, Restless Beings received enough money to fully fund the building of one medium term water well!