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SHE Club to support the SDGs

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By Ella Sobhani, MUN Delegate at Canyon Crest Academy, San Diego


I started SHE Club at my high school to try and promote a different view of pulling communities out of poverty, which is the education of young women.  The participants of my club share the priority to: serve others in the community and beyond, embrace diversity in the sense of age, race and gender, and promote the importance of equality and education for all.   Our club initiative is to work towards alleviating global poverty and to support community-led transformation such that no child ever goes to bed hungry, or is lost to preventable diseases, or is deprived of gift of education for lack of resources.  We believe that the keys to alleviating poverty are universal education, gender equality, and community building. In this sense, our initiative highly aligns with SDGs 1, 4, & 5.

The activities my club participates in include fundraising events in which the funds raised go primarily to The Mona Foundation which provides education to all children, increasing opportunities for women and girls, and emphasizing service to the community.  We are looking to expand into more hands-on service opportunities like tutoring refugee girls in our area.

I link this to my own Model UN activity by learning about the world and its international relations within the conferences, and using this knowledge to fuel what cause SHE Club will support and work to help.  MUN was a big part in informing my decision to start a humanitarian club because as I began to learn about the world’s issues, it inspired me to take direct action to help solve them.

My hope for this club is that our members leave with a sense of making a change in our world.  I’d also like to see the topic of women’s education come up more when brainstorming ways to alleviate poverty because women are the most influential aspects of the communities, they are the ones raising the upcoming generation.