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SDG photo competition at Bilbao MUN Conference

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Between 24th to 27th January, Ayalde School hosted its third annual conference, MUN Bilbao. As a MUN Impact Partner Club we decided to make a SDG competition during the conference in order to teach young people more about them. So we selected 5 goals and the aim of the competition was to take a photo representing at least one goal. The photo had to be taken between the whole delegation. Inside the welcome pack for the conference, there was the paper with the instructions for the competition. On Sunday in the General Assembly, we announced the winner delegation of the SDG Competition. This competition was a great success, we received original photos, but the most original one, and the winner was from the delegation of Mexico.

How did we design and promote this competition? Here is how we did it!

How and why did the club come up with this idea?

Between the days 24th to 27th January, Ayalde School hosted the third annual conference, MUN Bilbao 2019. As a MUN Impact Partner Club, we decided to run a SDG competition during the conference in order to make young people more aware about them. We thought that this would help to spread the word about the SDGs and the importance of their compliance. So we selected 5 goals and the aim of the competition was to take a photo representing at least one of them. The photo had to be made between the whole delegation.
 How was it promoted/communicated?
Inside the welcome pack for the conference, we put a leaflet with the instructions for the competition
What kind of equipment was needed?
Most people just used their mobile phones
How were photos submitted?
The photo had to be sent to our MUN Impact email address ( with the name of the delegation
Who made the decision about the winner?
Us five, the MUN Impact Partner Club from Ayalde School, decided the winner of the competition taking into account the originality of the photo
How/when was the winner announced? Was there any kind of prize?
On Sunday, after the General Assembly finished and we started our closing ceremony, we announced the winners of the SDG Challenge. The Runners-up received a Diploma and the winning delegation also a diploma signed by our Partner Club and our MUN Director Nicola Dignum.
This competition was a great success, we received very original photos, but the most original one, and the winner was from the delegation of Mexico.  To sum up, we are sure most delegates got to know more about the Sustainable Development Goals and are now conscious of their importance. Finally, we are sure most delegates got to know more about the Sustainable Development Goals and are now conscious of their importance.

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