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SDG Inventory: Evaluate programs for SDG alignment



The purpose of the SDG Inventory is to create a process/tool for students to evaluate programs, clubs or initiatives in their school, and to see the degree to which they align with the SDGs. This tool could be used by members of an MUN club to help identify SDG alignment with school initiatives or prompt further discussion and refinement of club/program missions. You can find access to this SDG inventory on Google docs here. If you’d like a blank matrix, we have that on Google docs here.

The SDG Inventory was developed thanks to a number of conversations within the MUN Impact community, and has proven to be a very popular idea and tool for MUN clubs within schools. We will continue to update this tool as we get additional feedback.

If you have used the SDG Inventory and have ideas on how to make it better, please contact us!


  • Pick one club/organization/initiative

  • List the mission/vision and goals of your organization and find where they align to SDG Targets specifically or the Goal more broadly.

  • Using the SDG tools on, and the Inventory table below, identify where the club/organization aligns with a Goal, and then Target.

  • If strong alignment exists, consider making SDG awareness part of your club’s mission. If strong alignment doesn’t exist, consider ways that your current organization can incorporate more SDG action into your club’s mission.

As you investigate a program or initiative, use the form below to gather information. Think about the following:

    1. Club/Initiative Name
    2. Club/Initiative Mission: What is the overarching goal of your club?
    3. Goal Alignment: Which SDG Goal (#1-17) does your club seem to align with?
    4. Target Alignment: Which Target, if any, appears to match up with your club/initiative
    5. Type of Action: Is your club involved in raising awareness? Money? Sustained support for a project? Changing a law?
    6. Branding by Goal: Is there enough alignment between what you do and the Global Goals to brand your club with an SDG logo? Could this initiative be shared in your school community as a way to spread SDG awareness?


Club/Initiative Name  Mission Statement Goal Alignment
         Girl Up






  1. Get ACS students involved in awareness and global advocacy against early/forced marriage

      2. Raise funds in annual drive to support       scholarship fund for three girls in Cambodia

      3. Monthly assemblies to raise awareness on HeForShe initiative

SDG 5: Gender Equality and    Empower all Women and Girls


SDG 4: Inclusive and Quality Education for all



Target Alignment Awareness/Service/Fundraising/Advocacy Branding by Goal

5.3/5.3.1-Underage/Forced Marriage


4.5  Eliminate Gender disparity and ensure equal access


5/5.4 Shared responsibility in Households




ACS Girl Up is involved in


1.    Awareness:  HeForShe and FGM


2.    Advocacy: FGM


3.    Fundraising: Raise money for Cambodia


Girl up at ACS clearly aligns with SDG 4 and 5


Club will use these logos for activities at school to draw the connection between our initiative and The Goals.