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Frequently Asked Questions


What is MUN Impact

MUN Impact is a community, a movement, and a launch pad for engagement with the United Nations. As a community of past and present delegates and MUN conference organizers, we believe that Model United Nations can motivate and inspire participants to move from academic debate to action, action that supports the mission and mandates of the United Nations, particularly the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

What kind of Rules of Procedure does MUN Impact follow

MUN Impact is organized around the idea that any MUN program can be impactful, regardless of the ROP followed. Whether you are an THIMUN enthusiast, an UN4MUN champion, or a die-hard supporter of North American procedures (or any other MUN program for that matter), Model UN can inspire its participants to act on what they learn in their committees to try and make a real change in their community.

How do you join MUN Impact

As a loosely organized community, any individual who believes that there is value in making Model UN more action-oriented, or who would like to see MUNs more actively support the SDGs, is part of the community. MUN Impact is active on all social media platforms, and as we grow and develop as an organization, there will be additional ways to be an active participant in the community.

What can I do to bring MUN Impact to my school or conference

The first step in supporting MUN Impact is to get your club or conference actively thinking and discussing why it’s important to move our academic experience into more active engagement. MUN programs can be a force for change, and delegates who care about helping the United Nations get its job done are a huge and untapped force for change. MUN Impact is about believing that you have power to bring small but significant change to your community.

But specifically, what can I do

We are compiling a list of ideas, and a series of stories, that should inspire MUN delegates, clubs and conferences to put action-oriented planning into their Model UN activities. This is a work in progress, and your ideas on what MUN Impact looks like is an important first step in developing our community.

Can my conference/club use the MUN Impact logo

YES! We would be honored if you would. MUN Impact logos are shared under a creative commons license, meaning you can use and make small modifications to them as long as you are not profiting from them. Feel free to use them for fundraising efforts that support the work of your program and initiatives that support the SDGs and other non-profits. Please do not use them to generate income for  your conference, club or school. You can find our logos by visiting this page.

Will MUN Impact ever hold a conference

The short answer is YES! Join the community, both to stay updated on future plans, but also to help shape what a face to face gathering would look like. It might be a leadership conference, a service learning summit, or something else entirely. Working together, we will certainly make it IMPACTFUL.