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Conference Partnership Application

Thank you for your interest in applying for MUN Impact Conference Partnership. In the application (link listed below) you will be asked to provide information about your conference, your willingness to promote MUN Impact into your network, to identify at least FOUR ways to drive SDG awareness into your conference, and to submit an action-service plan.

This application must be completed by the MUN Director or Conference Manager. There will be a place to add an additional contact, which may be a student leader or liaison. Primary correspondence for the purpose of submitting this application will be through the Director/Conference Manager.

Partnership for conferences involves three components, each described below.

Part I:  Promoting MUN Impact to Conference Participants and Network-Mandatory

  • Hyperlink MUN Impact Logo to the MUN Impact website.
  • Host a dedicated MUN Impact webpage on the conference website and link Planning for Impact, SDG Inventory, Blog and UN Connect pages to the conference website.
  • In addition to the logo, a description of MUN Impact’s mission and vision and how the conference will be supporting that will be included in conference publications.
  • Appoint a student liaison to ensure that students are the face of your outreach and engagement.

Part II:  Promote SDG Awareness-Choose Four Items

MUN Impact encourages conferences to find both traditional and innovative ways to promote SDG awareness into your  event. Below is a list of ideas that can be incorporated into your conference. See Theming your Conference by SDG on our website. You must select four items to commit to.


  • THEME: Pick one of the SDGs to be your driving theme.
  • AGENDA/DEBATE TOPICS: Have at least ONE debate topic related to the theme per committee. Explore the SDG Targets for debate topics.
  • RESEARCH/REPORTS: Ensure you have clear SDG linkages in reports, citing UN sources.
  • KEYNOTE SPEAKER: The keynote speaker should address your selected SDG and make explicit linkages to the SDG, their work and their message.
  • VIDEO RESOURCES: Show relevant short videos addressing the SDGs.
  • COMMITTEES: Add a new or specially themed committee so that all the topics associated with it are linked to the SDG.  OR  Add a committee like UNESCO  or a Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice (CCPCJ)
  • MUN IMPACT ZONE: Set up an MUN Impact Zone and let schools or delegations share the work they are doing to support the SDGs.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA CAMPAIGN: Develop a social media campaign to share your conference’s SDG connection to relevant NGOs and UN campaigns or agencies.
  • AWARD/RECOGNITION: Develop an annual award to recognize delegate action towards the SDGs.

Whatever you decide, make the linkages to the SDGs clear and unambiguous.

Part III:  Taking Action to Support the SDGs

One of MUN Impact’s primary goals is to encourage delegate action on the SDGs. The conference should either embed an action campaign within its event, or be involved in a longer-term engagement activity open to conference participants. The scope of the action campaign will, in part,  be determined by the size and location of your conference, its length, and the strength of your conference network. Taking action could range from an awareness campaign to a hands on community service program. It should NOT be exclusively an online social media campaign or MUN Impact Zone. See our Ways to make your MUN Conference more Impactful for additional ideas.

You will be asked to submit a description of an Action Plan (not exceeding 250 words) at the time of your application.


Partnership Application

The MUN Impact Partnership application for Model UN Conferences can be found online at


A PDF link to this document can be found here.