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Beach Cleanup Supports SDG14

MUN Impact 0

Macy Lustig is one of the Secretaries-General at Santa Margarita Catholic High School in southern California.  She updates us on her club’s work to support SDG 14.

This year, we wanted to connect the things that we are learning in MUN to the real world, so a group of my MUN peers and I decided to participate in a beach clean up this Saturday.  Even in heavy rain, we showed up and learned about how man-made trash affects the ocean life and the coral reefs.  We then cleaned up trash off the beach for over an hour and noticed how so much human trash ends up in the ocean and then washes up to the shore.  I think that this was a great way for our MUN program to understand the human impact on the ocean as well as to explore SDG 14.  I hope to make this beach clean-up a monthly service project for our program because it is an educational and interesting way to give back to the environment.