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Board of Directors

President: Ryan Villanueva

Ryan is an educator, entrepreneur, and the co-founder of Best Delegate. With over 18 years of MUN experience, Ryan’s mission is to make Model UN available and accessible to all students. Ryan is a former analyst at Goldman Sachs and a graduate of Yale University. Ryan also serves on the board of the Entrepreneurs Organization in Boston.


Vice-President: Adib Mattar

Mr. Adib Mattar serves as the Private Equity Chief at Mubadala Development Company PJSC. Mr. Mattar has been a Member of the Advisory Board at Flat6Labs since April 3, 2016. Mr. Mattar joined Mubadala in 2008. He is the Chairman of EMI Music Publishing. Adib sits on the Board of Directors at the American Community School of Abu Dhabi, where he took part in Model UN as a high school student


Executive Director – Lisa Martin

Lisa is the founder of several MUN organizations, including Online Model United Nations and MUN Impact. A veteran educator, she has spent over two decades working to develop Model UN programs and to make MUN accessible to all.

Lisa currently acts as the Executive Director of MUN Impact, and is working to develop deeper relationships with NGOs and UN agencies, building bridges between communities that have much in common but often lack a connection point. In a former incarnation she was the Director of THIMUN Qatar. She currently resides in northern California.


Secretary: Darby Sinclair

Darby Sinclair has been an active MUN director for over 16 years in North America, Europe and Asia. She directs the TASMUN conference at Taipei American School in Taipei, Taiwan. Enthused by the SDG’s, Darby works to encourage students to apply their MUN skills to have an impact in their communities. She holds a Master’s Degree in Conflict Resolution and Peace Education from Teachers College, Columbia University. Darby teaches IB Global Politics, AP Seminar, and Asian History and has a passion for finding ways to increase the pedagogical connections with MUN.


Treasurer: David Williams

David L. Williams first became involved in Model United Nations in 1977. Inspired by his own students to continue the involvement, in 1981 he was one of the founders of The Hague International Model United Nations Foundation (THIMUN). Under his leadership the annual THIMUN conference grew in size from 1,000 participants in 1981 to over 3,500 in 2004, the year he retired from the Chairmanship of the THIMUN Foundation. In 2004, he was awarded the Federal Cross of Merit by the Federal Republic of Germany and since his retirement, he has co-authored “Uniting the Nations through Model United Nations” and co-edited “Shaping Tomorrow”.


Judith Cunnigham

Judith Cunningham is an educator and the founder of Montessori Model UN. Judith founded MMUN to help students find their voices, take action and build peace as a way of honoring Maria Montessori’s legacy and implementing her dream of world peace. She developed the Youth Impact Forum to empower students to design and implement humanitarian projects aligned with the SDGs. Through YIF students have the opportunity to showcase their projects and secure partners and funders for sustainability. Judith holds graduate degrees in Education and Alternate Dispute Mediation.


Natabara Rollosson

Natabara is a creative producer who specializes in coordinating high-level United Nations events that have taken place on five different continents. Overall, he strives to bring the best forward in UN activities and productions and make them inspiring for audiences. In addition to events, he has coordinated logistics for the UN Secretary-General’s High Level Panel on the Post-2015 Framework, which included heads of state, Nobel Laureates and experts from around the world to develop the blueprint for the Sustainable Development Goals. In 2015 he co-founded “Comics Uniting Nations” in partnership with UNICEF, illustrating the SDGs through comics to make them understandable and fun.


Sergio Fernandez de Cordova

Sergio has over 20 years of advertising, media, government and legal experience. He has led a variety of private-public partnerships with leaders in cities across the US as well as major global cities.

Sergio is the co-founder and visionary behind P3 SmartCity Partners, P3GM, KAPTYN & the PVBLIC Foundation. He leads the global development and policy work behind structuring Public Private Partnerships (PPP) around smart infrastructure and policy framework with local, state and federal governments.

As Chairman of PVBLIC he leads the foundation’s engagement with governments: from the White House to the United Nations and multinationals. Sergio has also developed partnerships that host the Latino Impact Summit, SDG Media Zone & Media For Social Impact Summit and the One For All campaign-all in collaboration with various UN agencies. The collective platforms all focus on raising awareness and encourage action for the Sustainable Development Goals.


Advisory Committees

The following committees have been established to carry out much of the organizational work of MUN Impact. *Board members and individuals in the community at large will work together to promote and improve MUN Impact. High school students sit on many committees to ensure that the ideas and concerns of MUN Impact’s core demographic, high school MUN students, are addressed and acted upon.


Strategic Partnerships

David Williams*
Judith Cunningham*
Natabara Rollosson*
Si Yun Ee, Student, Taipei American School


Educational Outreach

Darby Sinclair*, Taiwan
Andrew Newman, St Louis, USA
Karim El Dib, Egypt
Chris Talamo, New York, USA
Emmy Josefson, Austin, USA
Rahmat Hamdard, Kabul, Afghanistan
Salam Kedan, Palestine/Israel
Don Sandev Ferdinando, Singapore
Hannah Kollen, Student, Qatar


Online Model United Nations

Kudzai Mukaratirwa, Zimbabwe
Samuel Smeele, Australia
Alia ElKattan, Egypt/UAE


Strategic Planning and Funding