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Student-initiated IMPACT Summit announced for Prague

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By Albert Oliva, Impact Summit Organizer


When I first heard the question, with whom and where did I get inspired to start organizing Impact Summit with Salam Centre for Peace, I answered in Doha, Qatar when I attended an official MUN Impact meeting where all leaders gathered to discuss their future goals. Even though I did not say a single word and I must admit I was a bit scared to say something, as I was sitting with such an amazing and high achieving people at one table, it totally changed my flow of thoughts.

Why can’t I be a leader like them, and do a real Impact in this world?, Was the first question that popped in my head, and actually you know what, students can make real Impact and their voices can be valued on the same basis as those who are currently working in UN. This is exactly why I appreciate and admire organizations such as Salam Centre for Peace and MUN Impact, as they truly give out the confidence and MUN Identity through their activities. Couple of years ago, I could not even speak out loud at my school, as I was afraid someone is gonna judge me based on what I say, but it was time to change that, and actually we need to change this in our world, as without students we cannot build our future.



Impact Summit with the cooperation of MUN Impact wants to make a platform for students to truly uncover their potential. This Summit is going to be special because it’s structure is rather extraordinary. Our aim is not to create a MUN conference where during the opening ceremony half of the students will be asleep and during the sessions, majority of students will not be involved. We want to make radical changes and therefore we have introduced a whole new structure of debate. We want students to feel that their voices are on an equal bases as those in real UN. Without change and without implementation of new rules we can never achieve a significant Impact on our society. A single thought can change everything as Lisa Martin, director of MUN Impact supports with her statement how Impact Summit started

MUN Impact grew out of the Qatar Leadership Conference. I planned an MUN Thought Leaders Summit and had hoped to host a discussion on best practices within the MUN community. But in the lead up to that event, a number of great conversations took place that really focused people’s attention on the SDGs and how the Model UN community could support that. By the end of our Thought Leaders Summit, we had a name, a domain purchased and a twitter account.”

Impact can be created quickly, and with a good team and support you can really change the world. Since it began MUN Impact has helped students to organize their own MUN conferences and has raised awareness of student Impact all around the world. And where does Lisa Martin see the real Impact and future development?

“I think we would like to find ways to develop MUN programs that focus on activism and support of the SDGs, host our own MUN Impact Leadership Conferences, and to find substantive ways to engage with the United Nations. MUN Delegates are a very rich source of support and activism, and the UN should be taking greater advantage of this engaged community”

Impact Summit and MUN Impact both will help students to realize that everybody can lead this world and become a true leader. The Summit is expected to have delegates from all over the world, and is special in a way that there are no barriers of entry. We are open to high school, university students however also professionals in SDG fields such as representatives from foundations and NGOs. Without MUN Impact this Summit would not take place, and I believe that this partnership will be the key and fundamental pillar of the entire event. Throughout the Summit delegates will receive press releases which will be composed of stories from MUN Impact blog as everybody has to know what we students have truly achieved.

There might be borders in the world, but there are not borders between us, and let’s connect the world together. We hope to see everybody in Prague and we are looking forward for all delegates in September to help us shape Leaders of Tomorrow